Altrading AG

Bull and bear

Getting the optimum out
  • Through automated trading
  • Without human hopes and greed
  • Permanent analysis and control
Unique revenue opportunities
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  • Top interest rate for shareholder loans
  • Plus generous profit sharing
Investing money differently
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  • Special investment opportunity in shareholder loans
  • Fixed interest plus profit share
Risks are minimized
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  • Constant analysis and control
  • Trading stop in critical situations
  • Only manageable and not existentially threatening asset shares in trade
Data security first
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  • No customer and account data on the Internet
  • No use of external cloud servers
  • Automated data backup


Stop money destruction

Secure and serious through our IT program that makes and executes decisions itself.
Our alghoritmus does not speculate but acts emotionless according to the pattern.

Corona crisis and financial market

It was not until the Corona pandemic that central banks around the world - in order to stimulate their national economies - massively lowered key interest rates and undertook bond purchases on a gigantic scale. All countries have run up massive debts and interest rate hikes will get them into massive trouble. 0% interest rates or even negative interest rates will be with you for a long time. At the same time, rising inflation will further devalue your financial assets.

The shareholders participate in the unappropriated profit by up to 40% p.a. through their shareholder loan. In addition, there is a fixed interest rate of 6% for the shareholder loan.

Results Period 2021


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