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You certainly want to know who you are entrusting your money to.

I took my first steps in entrepreneurship during my business studies in Cologne and set up an insurance service for students. Initially as ASTA-Versicherungsdienst GmbH with the participation of the student committees of Cologne and Bonn, later nationwide as Uni-Versicherungsdienst GmbH. At that time, there were no special products for students. I then developed these. With a student-oriented sales force, I soon acquired more new customers per year than other companies active in this market.

I sold this company to an insurance company and followed the call to join the board of directors of the European subsidiary of a US corporation.

Business card LBS SachsenAfter a few years abroad, I built up the Landesbausparkasse (LBS) there for LBS Ost as country director in Saxony after reunification, from 0 turnover to over 4 billion, from 0 employees to 8 regional offices with over 200 employees.


Business card Securess AGEver since my first job in the insurance industry, I have been working on the development of an insurance broker concept for private customers. In the mid-90s, the opportunity arose to take over a distribution company in Essen and I founded Securess AG. I was able to win the major French bank Société Générale as a shareholder - incidentally as the only minority shareholder in Germany. From the turn of the millennium onwards, Swiss Re, VHV Hannover and Volkswohlbund Dortmund acquired larger blocks of shares. Over the years, distribution agreements were concluded with more than 300 insurance companies. In just a few years, the company built up a customer base of over 250,000 and an office and field staff of up to 850 employees. The property portfolio alone had a volume of about 200 million in 2003. Later, we - the founding shareholders and I - sold our shares to Swiss Re. On the internet at "" you can see the size of the intermediary network that still exists today.


Seizing opportunities, understanding customer and market developments and using them for one's own benefit, but also taking manageable risks and, last but not least, behaving anti-cyclically once in a while - that is entrepreneurial thinking in my opinion.

The trading algorithm I have developed has, among its many settings, some that are certainly unique and also only used by us.

Walter Albrecht

Altrading AG:

Founded in 2010
All pre-investments already made
No liabilities to third parties
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