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Bull and bear

Participate in unique conditions

With automated stock market trading, extraordinary rates of return can be realized. As you can see elsewhere, more than 5% monthly. This is how the very good returns for our shareholders can be achieved.

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Investing money differently

Since temporary losses can never be completely ruled out even with fully automated stock market transactions, it is an indispensable requirement that our shareholders provide a maximum of 10% of their available assets as a shareholder loan, thus ruling out any risk that could threaten the investors existence.

The minimum amount for the shareholder loan is €10,000.00. The shareholder loan bears interest at a rate of up to 12% p.a. and is paid out quarterly.

Getting the optimum out

This is not possible without risk. The greatest risk in trading is the emotions, from which no one can free themselves. They move between the extremes of greed and fear. If a trade goes in the right direction, you want more, if it goes in the wrong direction, you tell yourself that the rate will turn around again.

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Safety first

Even large Internet companies like Yahoo and Google or institutions from the financial world or even public authorities are constantly exposed to attacks from hackers. Of course, Altrading AG is equipped with the latest and most effective protection mechanisms, but our main focus is on keeping sensitive data off the net as far as possible.

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Altrading AG:

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