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Bull and bear

Getting the optimum out

This is not possible without risk. The greatest risk in trading is the emotions, from which no one can free themselves. They move between the extremes of greed and fear. If a trade goes in the right direction, you want more, if it goes in the wrong direction, you tell yourself that the rate will turn around again.

This little diagram summarizes well what is meant:

Chart 'The typical investor.'

Human emotions lead to wrong decisionsMachine processes are reliable and criterion-proof. In many areas, people are increasingly relying on the help of machines that control processes with programs. So it is only logical to do the same in the field of trading. Automated trading eliminates the emotions that otherwise so often lead to wrong decisions.

Long-term test runs with different settings have achieved positive results with our system without exception. Whether the settings only allowed buying, selling or both: the algorithms of our software did work. Automated trading is ahead of the game. From now on for you too.

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