Altrading AG

Bull and bear

Risks are minimized

Through automated trading, we especially eliminate the emotional risks such as greed and/or fear that lead to poor trading results in manual trading.

Because of that we use an automatic trading program. This program we have developed over the years, continuously adapted and thus improved.

Of course, we constantly analyze current political and economic developments and events and intervene as the situation requires.

Algorythms do not know emotionsWe constantly monitor all programme functions. An exit in case of wrong trades as well as the suspension of trading before and after important economic events are of course part of the programme. No trading takes place at night, as the additional control of all processes would not be guaranteed.

Our trading activities are conducted through brokers. A broker can become insolvent. To spread the risk, we therefore keep several accounts with different large brokers. The programme runs on one of these accounts, the master account. A trade is copied to all other accounts (slave accounts) in a fraction of a second and closed just as quickly when the close command comes from the master account.

We keep our clients informed about business developments on an ongoing basis. This is also done via the customer area of our website.

Altrading AG:

Founded in 2010
All pre-investments already made
No liabilities to third parties

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