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Most financial investments involve risk. Even shares in large companies - the so-called "blue chips" - have already proved to be total flops. Deutsche Bank shares are now worth only 10% of what they cost 10 years ago. And you probably know a number of other companies where the development was similar. Has your bank ever tried to convince you to do "swap" deals? The author did experience that. If he had followed the recommendation: Total loss! And who would have earned anyway? The institution that made the recommendation.

There is no manual or automatic trading strategy in the world that only generates profits. If there were, the market concerned would collapse.

Therefore, it only can be a matter of achieving the highest possible hit rate. And this should be done in a market that cannot be manipulated. Our Algorthmus can be used in all currency pairs, indices, shares etc., but we mainly use it in the currency pair EURO/USD. In this market, estimates vary between 2,000 and 3,500 billion euros, traded daily. You can imagine that an enormous amount of money is needed for a noticeable manipulation.

The amount the exchange rate of the euro changes against the USD solely depends on which currency investors see the greater security and returns. That means that every event in these two economic areas influences the exchange rate ratio. In particular, decisions by the EZB, central banks and the American FED, published new economic data or even political developments can trigger large Currency exchange rate jumps.

Rising or falling prices always develop in a zigzag movement. On the way up or down, they always turn in the opposite direction for a certain time, only to continue in the main direction again later.

The algorithm analyzes these "turning points" and checks at this moment according to many other criteria whether the price is likely to turn. It is then basically ready to enter, observes the price trend for a certain time - up to 50 minutes - and then makes a trade. If there are uncertainties, he does not make a trade. By the way, it also takes into account the effects of upcoming or past economic news.

From the moment of the closing, it continuously checks whether a further course in the right direction takes place and is further probable. If he comes to the conclusion that a change in direction could occur, he closes the trade with +/- 0, or a small loss. You are thinking of Artificial Intelligence (AI), right!

Example trading performance
Grafic: trading performance, result of the Algorithmus

Further in-depth information is exclusively reserved for our customers.

You can continue to resign yourself to a 0 return or you can finally act and come to us. It is worth it.

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